Recruitment Process Consultant – Bruce Stander

Recruitment Process Consultant - Bruce Stander

Recruitment Process Consultant – Bruce Stander

My name is Bruce Stander, I am a specialist recruitment process consultant, technology expert and Group Managing Director of Optimal Internet & Go Job Search. No matter if you are a recruitment agency or growing company, the more complex and difficult the recruiting process inevitably becomes. Fast growing companies are challenged with a lack of recruiting expertise and processes that can keep them from making good hiring decisions.

Developing an intelligence based recruiting function is easier with outside eyes. From your interview cycles being ridiculously slow, marginally skilled hires, or increased turnover at excessive cost, it’s time to look at the overall process. As a recruitment process consultant, I can help establish the recruiting business process for your growing company or improve the efficiency and quality of what’s already in place.

Is your recruitment effort planned with headcount and expense budgets? Are you aware of the time it takes to fill positions, or cost-per-hire and quality-of-hire statistics? Do you understand the latest recruitment trends? Do you know which sources and channels are most effective in your industry sector?

Putting processes and benchmark measures in place to ensure your recruiting process is yielding the best results, is the cornerstone in driving down recruitment costs and improving overall administrative efficiency. If you can show the CEO these types of improvements, savings and returns, you’re thinking strategically. Thats where I can help with my recruitment process consultant services. With a clear understanding of both business efficiency, return on investment drivers and technology capability to enhance process efficiency, I can make real financial savings and improve overall recruitment process efficiency in any organisation.

To compliment the back-office function, I specialise in providing strategic advice on web usability, technological function, SEO, Web Development, Search engine marketing, Social Media marketing and PPC services to ensure your market reach is comprehensive and exhaustive.

I continue to strategise the technological, online marketing and social media landscapes across many companies as a recruitment process consultant, to ensure we impart the best processes to drive success throughout each step in the recruitment process.

I also work with many business owners, local and international looking to initiate online marketing programs and implement more efficient recruitment processes.

I come highly recommended. Many of my clients have been long standing customers for more than 10 years and continue to utilise my service to expand, diversify and grow their recruitment process effectively using the latest techniques available in the market. Read what they have to say here.